Community Relations

We are passionate about supporting our communities whenever possible and have outlined the following guidelines in regard to donation and event sponsorship requests. Please submit all requests to our marketing department.

Indus Companies
Attn: Marketing Department
One Corporate Place
1170 Pittsford-Victor Rd.
Pittsford, NY 14534

You may also fax your request to:
(585) 248-3271

We honor all possible requests for gift letters, raffle drawings, prize giveaways, fundraisers, employee incentives, etc. If you are in need of a specific amount or denomination, please indicate this in your letter and we will do our best to honor it.

Unfortunately, we cannot honor requests involving cash donations due to the numerous inquiries we receive. This includes payment for ads in program books/calendars, funding trips, etc.

Additionally, we are unable to allow organizations to solicit items on our property or display such materials. This also applies to requiring our staff to sell something on an organization's behalf. In order to be fair, we cannot allow one group to do so without giving the opportunity to all.

Depending on quantities, we may be able to provide your event with paper or food products. These requests must also be sent in writing including how many people are attending your event.

If you have a great event opportunity, but aren't sure how we can help, send us a letter outlining all the details and we'll get back to you!